Your IT-expert is just around the corner.

Conekta is the most uncomplicated recruiting company you can find in Sweden if you're searching for IT-experts and accelerated processes. We also offer  complete solutions for competitive pricing.

Contact us today and let us help you find the IT-expert you're looking for.

Our IT-experts?

  • Generally 5-10 years of experience.

  • A part of our well-established network in Sweden, EU and internationally.

  • Experts in embedded development, Java, Fullstack, Front End, QA, test and so on.


​Vera Curuvija

Complete solutions = Relocation help

  • Work permit approval for non EU/EEA citizens in only 10 days, instead of 6-9 months via the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • Other Settle-In-Services like help with opening a Swedish bank account, Bank-ID and so on.

  • Help in finding accommondation in Sweden

Competitive pricing

  • Invoicing of our services only occures when an IT-expert of ours actually gets employed.

  • When using our recruiting services the relocation help is included in the fee.

  • We guarantee no hidden fees nor other hidden agenda.